Better Health by Prevention

We design modern and sustainable food supplements together with physicians and scientists

All our products have been developed by a team of experienced and practicing health professionals covering the nutritional needs of their individual patients. This unique approach based on real patient deficiencies, combined with analytical tests and scientific studies is the differentiator between VitalRemedyMD nutritional supplements and competitor products.

Beps Holding bases its production of nutritional supplements on the highest standards of quality, concentration, bioavailability, and effectiveness.


Certified by independent and certified external laboratories.


We use the most advanced technologies and production processes available.


Commitment to the environment using sustainable materials and processes.

A group truly committed to the environment

Our commitment to the environment is materialized in three ways:


We only work with manufacturers and suppliers of raw materials certified for their sustainability. For example, all our fish oils come from suppliers certified not only for their highest standard quality system (GMP) but also for their sustainability (FOS certified) .

We also avoid the use of organic (toxic) solvents during the whole process of concentration of the omega3 fatty acids by using SFC technology (supercritical fluid chromatography).

Environmental organizations

Through a collaboration with non-profit organizations that are dedicated to cleaning our oceans of plastics. A portion of the income from each product we sell is donated to these organizations.


From 2021 we have started changing lot by lot our packaging and blister to more sustainable and 100% recyclable materials.

We want to be and deliver simply the best

We strictly rely on medical professionals’ scientific knowledge, clinical experience, and the highest quality standards for production to achieve this goal.

Technological state-of-the-art and maximum quality

The philosophy of Beps Holding GmbH is to become a company at the forefront of top quality nutritional supplements composed of premium omega-3 oils, bioactive extracts, vitamins, and other active natural ingredients produced exclusively by business partners equipped by state-of-the-art sustainable technologies and third party certified quality systems (e.g., cGMP).

International platform 

International platform 

International platform 

International platform 

International platform 

International platform 

Beps Holding GmbH is the platform of an international group of companies and products specialized in the niche of premium nutritional supplements that significantly promote our customers’ health and well-being.

Our Brands and Products

Innovation at its best

The Purest Omega-3 Supplements on the Market

Puro Omega® is the brand of Omega-3 acid nutritional supplements designed to guarantee the bioavailability, concentration and high quality of these essential nutrients, aimed at physicians and health professionals.

Premium Omega-3 and Maximum Bioavailability

DHANEO® is the exclusive brand of Omega-3 supplements combined with bioactive natural extracts of Ginkgo Biloba, coenzyme Q10, vitamins B2, E and D3 with the highest standards of bioavailability, concentration and quality.

Highest Potency Dietary Supplements

VitalRemedyMD™ is the brand of dietary supplements with exclusive formulas of Omega-3 fatty acids and other high quality concentrated bioactive plant extracts based on scientific advances in functional and integrative medical literature.

Our brand for the Asian market

BEPS is one of our two most used brands together with “Dr. Lembke” in Asia (especially South Korea and Taiwan). Under this brand, we offer premium quality capsules and liquid oil for direct consumption, always in triglyceride format to ensure maximum bioavailability.

The balanced 1:1 EPA / DHA formula

These products have a unique 1:1 ratio between eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA). This balanced omega-3 formula is based on the fact that, for our body, EPA and DHA are of high importance. EPA to control inflammation and blood lipid levels and DHA for optimal brain, nerve and vision function.

We invite you to be part of BEPS Holding, an innovative group for the health of all and a cleaner planet

Do you want to distribute our products?

We are in full international expansion. If you are a consolidated distributor for premium nutritional supplements, you can be one of our exclusive partners 

Do you want to join our Group with your products?

Our plan includes the acquisition of products or brands from our sector. We are open to diversify and add to our portfolio.

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