We specialize in creating custom products that address the multi-faceted needs of the global marketplacel, creating health solutions.

Creating Health Solutions 

Creating Health Solutions 

Creating Health Solutions 

Creating Health Solutions 

Creating Health Solutions 

Creating Health Solutions 

KD Pharma Group your Partner in Creating Health Solutions

The KD Pharma Group specializes in creating custom products that address the multi-faceted needs of the global marketplace.

The KD Pharma Group employs a staff of industry leading scientists using superior technology, as well as cutting edge research and development to help accelerate your pharmaceutical and nutritional product development.

This, combined with global support and unparalleled customer service, makes the KD Pharma Group, your Partner in Creating Health Solutions.

Our Technology Bench

The KD Pharma Group technology portfolio is uniquely suited for developing, producing and marketing new molecules. Our capabilities include extraction, separation, chemical synthesis, encapsulation and packaging. The KD Pharma Group has successfully utilized these technologies to help bring Omega-3 API to market, develop a new molecular target for colon cancer, generate new ANDA approvals, and launch multiple new nutritional platforms for emerging conditions.

The KD Pharma Group has a historical emphasis on chromatographic separation in lipids and is the only company in the world capable of offering lipid and Omega-3 concentrates up to 99% in purity at a commercial scale. This is accomplished through a singular focus on research and technology. This technology along with recent acquisitions, allow the KD Pharma Group to provide tailored solutions providing each customer with the ability to differentiate themselves in a competitive global marketplace.

Pharmaceutical products

High quality standards and state-of-the-art technology have enabled the KD Pharma Group to become one of the largest Omega-3 API manufacturers in the world. The KD Pharma Group supplies bulk API oil as well as bulk soft-gel capsules to the major Omega-3 pharmaceutical markets around the world, including the USA, EU, Korea and Japan. With over a decade of cGMP experience, KD Pharma offers CDMO services which include process optimization, scale-up and production support over the life cycle of a project.

Nutraceutical products

The KD Pharma Group utilizes the strictest in pharmaceutical manufacturing practices, producing one of the most versatile nutraceutical Omega-3 product catalogues in the industry. In addition, our Research and Development teams work hand in hand with customers to create unique and innovative products. This allows each of our customers to stand out within their specific market segment.


KD Nutra® is committed to science, sustainable sourcing, and supply chain certainty ensuring we can provide  you with distinctive products that deliver results. Driven by this commitment, we have created Alga3™, a breakthrough nutritional platform of plant-based omega-3 concentrates from microalgae, which can be customized to provide a vegan alternative to any kd-pür® fish oil.


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